Wednesday, 4 July 2012

containing frustration in the face of unchanged weather patterns

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? A massive fuck load of nothing. This is also what happens when climbers are boxed in by the rain and the heat or a particularly spiteful state where it's so humid it may as well rain but the droplets just hang around like pricks on the street corner, sticking to your lower back, between your thighs and on your forehead.

Summer is the new winter and everyone is either indoors or getting fat, I am combining the two by eating a treacle tart in my flat.

Frustration is a strange emotion because the logical realist in me can see the futility of it all, there is nothing that can be done, other than leave this wet little island that is. Who I am kidding, I only say it as threat hoping that Gaia below is listening and somehow values my being in Southest Yorkshire.


I understand this but why is so fucking hot when it rains!! I demand a 10 degree drop the moment it touches down. Then I wont be stuck inside sweating up my arse. This is an acute pain for me as tonight at the foundry every time I sat down to start a problem due to the unfortunate shape of the arse crack I left a cock shaped sweat mark on the chalky red mat, more than one in fact, it was a veritable cock garden, I'm on the anti-art tip alright.

I have managed to get out climbing twice over the past few weeks, I am really pleased with this as I thought due to the bum smash I covered in my last post I would be out for the duration.

One soggy day at Raven tor I clipped up the popular 7c Obscene toilet, I had watched Chris and others do it months previous and was really psyched to see what it was like . Really really hard, gutted, and it's not even considered hard at 7c either. It will be interesting to speak to people of my height who have done it as I felt really stretched out at some/all points. No worries though, my aim is still 7b/7b+ by the end of the year, I just had ideas above my station on this with it being a technical wall climb. Got a slight buzz leading the run out easy bit at the top, why they don't put a bolt it i'll never know.

The following soggy Sunday I went to horseshoe quarry, fricking loose crap hole but the mainwall is actually quite impressive and solid in the most part. I failed on Demolition man, a tough 7a in my opinion, but took some falls which helped my head after the arse-whipper.

I hope the rain stops soon, its making me look forward to winter, fuck that.

Tor it up from Guy Van Greuning on Vimeo.