Monday, 11 April 2011

I fear the string

Rivelin, tonight. After an extended weekend of top roping at cheedale and in the moors, I was really shattered. Faced monumental mental struggles at two-tier with leading, I felt like this last year when moving onto different rock types after a winter of bouldering and straight balling. some of this fall training malarkey is on the cards I believe, I am good at jumping no good at falling. 

Anyway, after a false start due to knackerdness we went to rivelin. Tried 'I'm Back' a thin E4 wall behind the pinancle, had a few concerted efforts doing some knarly direct crimpin' but the 'real' sequence is further right leading you into a commiting rock over above a non-bouldering drop so I'll be back when its a little cooler. Tied on and did 'Fringe Benefit' on the brush off slab. It's got a great crux, I had no small wires so it was an exciting solo to the gear/jugs. I wandered a bit right at the top, a shame, so a repeat in colder times isn't off the cards. As the light faded I bouldered out the start to 'Easy Pickings', a savage E2 with a F6b+ start on lovely small holds and the right level of sophisticated burl. I dropped off at the jug flake, but not after eyeing up the perfectly protected route crux, fun!

Steve on 'Blizzard Ridge'

...and just to prove how shit I am at falling with a rope on, check this!

lime time!